The book runs on the lines of connecting you to your higher self. The author’s approach is practical and more inclined towards ‘showing’ the way than ‘telling’.

Cover : Full marks to the wonderful design and the cover image. The word ‘Happy’ in yellow fits the theme well.

Content : The content can be easily understood, I have often found it hard to explain the most simple concepts of life to a pal. The author does it effortlessly. I loved the quotes connected to each chapters.

Over the years, I have found out that the definition of happiness differs from person to person. Realizing this, your truly has refrained from wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ and resorted to ‘Cheerful Birthday’ or ‘Frolicsome Birthday’

Why? Here is the answer : Chogyam Trungpa always had everyone sing “Cheerful Birthday,” not “Happy Birthday,” saying that Happiness was a state of mind that had Sadness or Unhappiness on its flip side. Cheerfulness, he said, better described a fundamental way or attitude of being. Either way is great, as long as you consider that you’re not wishing a temporary state of being based on circumstances—but rather that the you may truly continue to become friends with oneself.

The 21 ways touch upon this aspect of being the best ‘you’. The novel and easy to implement ideas in this book are powerful tools to elevate and connect to your true-self.

I could easily relate to a quote by Denis Waitley : ‘It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit’ while going through the book.

The summary at the end of the chapter in a text-book style do not fail to impress. Those are points that could easily make place in your journal.

Plus points : The author’s personal experiences, examples and certain instances clarify
a)essence of the idea/way
b)challenges involved in implementing idea
c)false notions about happiness

The corresponding art-work after the chapters are lovely!

Favorite Chapters :

Art of Letting Go : Terming it as an ‘Art’, I was impressed by the clarity with which the author conveyed the process of letting go
Nothing makes you Happy Unless ‘Nothing Makes you Happy’ -Fresh and the message of the hour!

Be Wise, Nature Wise : Another favorite of mine. Being a curious learner, I have tested this ‘way’ myself. I’m a nature lover and strongly believe that Nature has a lot to offer.

Power of Mindfulness/Power of Now – This Zen idea will open doors to wonders!

Conclusion : 21 Ways of Being Happy – at an affordable price is a source of valuable ideas and lessons that will stay with you forever.

Stars : 4.5/5

Hard-wiring happiness is made easy to us. Come, lets do it! 🙂

You can buy the book @ Amazon : http://www.amazon.in/Ways-Being-Happy-Shama-Patel/dp/9381841209/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428393625&sr=8-1&keywords=Ways+being+happy