Pluviophile by Aarohi Brar
Pluviophile by Aarohi Brar

‘Pluviophile’ is a soft love story revolving around emotional conflicts of characters that are held together by instances of life
As the title suggests, Juliet is a Pluviophile (lover of rain). Rain is used as a wonderful metaphor to convey the ebb and flow of the characters

Cover, Blurb and the tag line : The grand blue suits the theme of the book very well. The blurb is wonderfully written, encouraging the readers to explore more. I loved the font and the tagline. The tagline sums up the journey of Juliet’s life in a haiku fashion:  From a refreshing drizzle to excruciating heat! And then, the difficult phase of restoring.

Plot : There is something Juliet loves more than rain : Max. She loses him tragically and with that loses her love of rain. Derek’s entry initiates new conflicts in Juliet’s life. In addition to that, Derek has a carefully concealed secret that makes the story more intense.The story runs through the perspectives of Juliet and Derek.

Characters : Nostalgic moments with Max, Juliet’s voice and the flow in Derek’s life enable the reader to feel the characters as the story takes shape. I personally liked Juliet’s character for her poetic style of life

Writing and Editing : The writing style is rich and flawless. A few instances could have been skipped to retain the flow of the core story, Although the well-structured ending compensates for it.

Story : ‘Pluviophile’ being the writer’s first novel, stands out in the practicality of the story. The story feels real and crisp. I was impressed by the way the writer carried the slow-moving tale without haste.

Setting : Since the story is more about conversations and tete-a-tete between the characters, the setting did not matter. Although, I would have loved it if there were more descriptions about the locations.

What I liked : I liked the philosophical rendering hidden in the story, embellished with rain as a metaphor – reminding that no rain lasts forever. Kudos to the writer for successfully keeping a grip on the overall story.

What I disliked : Few irrelevant details could have been replaced with more of Max. As a reader, I certainly wanted to know more about Max.

Conclusion : ‘Pluviophile’ is a wonderful love story that runs through two voices. It is a must read for three reasons :
1)The writing style
2)The story is lively and close to reality
3)Deals with the theme of forgiveness

I would definitely recommend this book to readers who want to read a ‘practical’ love story.

Rating : 4.5/5

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Congratulations to Aarohi Brar for penning a wonderful story!
Thanks to Aarohi for sending me a reviewer’s copy.