Palm size story #9

‘Friend Request’ a term from the world of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The term even inspired a writer like Sudeep Nagarkar to title his novel as ‘It started with a friend request’.
We all have stories of sending friend requests to people we know and the people whom we are interested in knowing. One such story with a little twist for you :
‘Your name interested me, so the add’ he sent.

‘What’s there in a name stranger?’ she texted back

‘Name? It’s ours. Our identity. Something that cannot be taken away from us’ he reverted after a few days. The reply from her came after a week – ‘Lets be nameless’

‘Why are you not accepting my request?’ he wrote back

‘Because, we are meant to be strangers. Period’.

The two maintained a special world; Nameless, faceless, but full of thoughts and words. The reality did not offer scope, but the virtual world did. He added her out of fascination for names and she never accepted the request.

The fascination soon turned into something real. The two souls never got to know that they are a couple in the real world. An Ultimate irony, isn’t it?