Palm Size Story #7

Seven Lives

Learning the language of love took me a lot of time. Longer than I had expected. It started with Acrophony and that consumed almost all of my first life. I was a writer, discovering the power of the pen and the words it could spawn.

On the other hand, she was a warrior learning the art of sword fighting. This difference in our fields did not stop us from writing the first word of love together, but life, or rather, death, inserted an interruption in our story, like a comma in a sentence.

We switched roles in the second life according to His plan. Those days, learning languages was for those who preferred defense and battle-games were for those who chose attack as their lifeline. Saving my people in the battlefield took up all my time and just when the marriage bells were about to toll, both of us ran out of time.

In the third life, our search for each other was the prime motive of living. Since we had acquired both the life-lines- the pen and the sword- we were hoping to find each other through our skills. We were ‘the best’ at what we did and that connection helped us find each other again. We knew we were getting closer to the zenith, but nature’s disastrous plan kept us from our union.

A few realizations in the fourth and fifth lives equipped us well to beat the uncertainty of the sixth life. But He showed us that He was omnipotent. In the sixth life, we forgot about each other’s existence. He had washed away our memories for a reason. But, it is hard to imagine the life of a pen and a sword without a writer and fighter.

We were a story left at half and God duly completed it for us.

In the seventh life, thoughts written during the previous lives connected the dots. It helped us recognize that we were, both of us, like pens scribbling a story. The stories of battles in the history lessons, told us about our past.  Through our assigned roles, we had been fulfilling our respective destinies, and our past was only a bridge to our present and our glorious future together.

This journey through seven lives helped us realize, once again, that, throughout the cycle of creation and destruction, the souls remain the same. Only the settings change.