Palm Size Story #8

Twenty Three

“Today, the number twenty three ruined my day; missing a flight feels so bad. I was so excited to travel by this new FlyIndia Flight,” Aravind sighed.

“Shuush! Let me watch TV now. You should take responsibility for your actions, Aravind. Don’t blame numbers!” Nidhi snapped.

“Hello? Listen! I know that this may sound strange, but, please consider this. I get directions in my life through numbers. Now, Listen!” Aravind pleaded.
“Alright. What is your story?” Nidhi asked while switching channels.
“I had a strange dream yesterday. The number twenty three appeared in my dream and it spoke!
‘Hello Aravind, it’s me – Your birth date, remember? Yes, I am a prime number, but I do not crave attention. I’m here to save you. It is the twenty third today; follow the signs, Aravind.’

And… the voice faded. I woke up, perturbed. I packed my bags & drove to the airport. There, I was not allowed to board…”

“OH MY GOD! Watch this.” Nidhi screamed.

The breaking news flashed: FlyIndia DXH202 crashes! Death toll expected to climb up!

Nidhi and Aravind stared at each other in shock!