LG NExus 5x

(Picture : Google Images)

Broom Broom, Hello! Ignore my little vibration. I thank BlogAdda for giving me an opportunity to speak. We as mobiles always let you humans talk to each other. For a change, hear me out.
I am lying next to my owner; He is enjoying his night, dreaming and imagining the possibilities.Heaven. Yes, he is very happy after a wonderful day. I made his day – for he made a choice, he chose me.

I’m LG Google Nexus 5 X, weigh 136 grams with a processor that snaps all my elder brothers – Snapdragon 808. Let us move on with how I made my owner happy 🙂

He was on a secret mission that required him to focus on intricate details of a building. According to the intelligence, the building had something relevant to their main mission. He spent several hours taking pictures through me and finally started browsing them. Thanks to my improved Cameras – 5 MP Front and 12.3MP Rear, I helped him trace asemic writing on one of the walls. It led him to an important location; After several private calls to his team, he continued with the mission. Since I supported 4G, file transfers were easier than before.

He reached the new location and found many people kidnapped. A lot of action followed, but my hero a.k.a owner managed to rescue the girls in no time. During the fight, one of his rivals got hold of me and tried to unlock me. Thanks to my Imprint Sensor – finger touch security, he was not able to squeeze information from me. I remained loyal to my owner for the faith he showed in me. The rival even tried malware against me, but thanks to my hardware isolation – his attempts failed.

I kept the rival busy and my owner managed to arrest him at once. At the end of the mission, he had to make one confirmation call. He had to confirm that the mission was accomplished. My Battery of 2700mAh helped me to stay longer than before. He kissed me and whispered ‘Thank you’. Am I not closer to being an extension of human? 🙂
It is YOUR Call.

I will now charge myself as I have to accompany my owner tomorrow. Oh, By the way – I will certainly flaunt the wallpaper I am wearing inside my screen at the moment :

All you need is meThanks for hearing me out. Some features will change the lives forever and life will never be the same! Right mate?

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