Have you ever fallen in love with a city? Have you ever fallen in love with a city over and over again? If you can relate to the questions, this post could delight you 🙂

I have spent most of my life in Belagavi. I am still fascinated by the fact that there is so much to discover!


Image Source : http://www.mapsofindia.com/india/where-is-belgaum.html

Some facts about the changes in the name :
Belagavi was known as ‘Venugram’ earlier – The Bamboo Vilage. Recently, the name went through a change from Belgaum to Belagavi.

Words can never be enough to write about the city that is rich in tradition, growth and culture. Accepting this fact, I go further and highlight the three features of the city :

Belgaumites are lucky when it comes travel. The city is equidistant to Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is also closely connected to Goa. The smooth roads connecting the cities through national and state highways make the travel easy and comfortable. So, a drive is a pleasure!

Apart from that, there are some roads that serve well for a long drive. Some gardens also have tracks that could be used for cycling.

Image Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Highway_4_(India)(old_numbering)

The proximity shared with Maharashtra has deeply influenced the structure and design of the city. The city also boasts of several constructions built by the British.


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There are three main railway crossings that are known as ‘gates’. They serve as the prominent landmarks here.

The city will soon undergo some changes through the Smart City Plan. The Government has also gracefully picked suggestions from the Belgaumites and are looking forward to enhance and reflect the culture of Belagavi through the new changes

Sometimes, it hurts to fall in love with the city.  Because, the city never leaves you! It is ever-giving and abundant in love. Every day in Belagavi is an opportunity for me to discover something new. I have been deeply influenced by the sweets and the nature of this place.

If I am meeting a friend after a long time, I make it a point to buy Fresh Kunda for my friend 🙂

The sweet is also known as ‘sugar bowl’
More on that can be read here:  Belagavi’s Kunda
Sharing sweets with my friends is my way of sharing a part of this beautiful city 🙂


Image Source : http://allaboutbelgaum.com/business/belgaum%E2%80%99s-kunda-sweet-sensation-fairy-tale/

Milk products are in great demand here. Spurthi is one brand that is known for yummy sweet products. I love the aamrakhand! You must give it a try too – Sphurti

I have experienced a deep connect with the nature here. The city is blessed with gardens and greenery to a great extent. This connection helps me to keep myself healthy

I thank IndiBlogger and Tata Motors http://madeofgreat.tatamotors.com  for this opportunity. I had great time thinking about my favorite city and penning my thoughts about the same.