The most beautiful part about the words is that some of them make a place in our hearts forever. There is more to it; Words also have their dark side – They may also betray the essence of heart and may seem inadequate at times.

There are some people who have immortalized words!
‘Always’ by Rickman for instance.

When I got to know about the #TataZico Marathon, I thought here is a chance to share something about the word ‘Fantastico’

But, before that – I have to share a story behind another word:
Exactly, one year back – I wrote a short story titled ‘OKAY’ and Authors Press published this story in their anthology : As a Beginner for a Beginning

Here is a snippet


Here is the link of the book :

In the story, a man approaches Niranjan and confesses that he is about to end his life. At that moment, Niranjan replies with a stern ‘OKAY’

Now, can this word change life of this man? Why did he just say ‘OKAY?’  Can one word hold the power to change life?

Deepti Menon reviewed this book here :Review of As a Beginner to a Beginning

‘Okay’ – The Life Changer – Niranjan Navalgund

Can the word ‘Okay’ be a life changer? Niranjan Navalgund impresses with a philosophical story that showcases how people need to take responsibility for their own lives. There is a beautiful reference to Narendra Goidani’s article on Kintsukuroi, a Japanese term meaning “to repair with gold”. The story itself is simply expressed, but its message of filling cracks with gold stays on in the mind of the reader. As is the case with Niranjan’s writing, once again he offers a story that defies pigeon holing as it goes beyond mere story telling


It was my sixth day in Rethymno, Greece. I was there for a chess event. I used to start from my studio-apartment at 8.45 and return after lunch.

On the seventh day –
‘Mr Man of Routine, take a minute – sit down’ he said. It was a rest day and I was about to go to the supermarket to get potatoes and muesli. I occupied the seat he offered and waited for him to say something.

‘This is my cafeteria and I have Indian Tea here. Would you like to have it? It is Complimentary’ he said

Are people so kind these days? I thought. His eyes reflected happiness and I acted on my impulse. I answered in positive.

‘I have seen you here. You go, you come back. You go and come back. There is a routine you follow, don’t you?’ he asked

‘Yes sir, I’m here for a chess event. My games begin in the morning and I have lunch after that. I return at around 3 every day’ I replied

‘Ah! Yes. The Chess Festival, is it? The Indians know it better. Here – some biscuits for you’ he offered

I gladly accepted them. The tea was good and just when I was about to leave –

‘Routine is OKAY. What about you? I see that you have different face expressions or moods every day. Do they depend on how you fair in the mornings?’ he asked

‘Ah yes. I…I’m happy if I win…

‘And sad if you lose?’ he completed the line for me

‘Yes. Human. Isn’t it?’

‘Human, it is. But, I offer you something here’
He took out a tissue paper and wrote


‘Use this as a reminder. Whatever happens, just say this  – FAN-TAS-TICO’
I was amazed with his lip movements. Who could make an effort like this? The way he stressed on the words told me that he really wanted to make a difference in my life.

‘It is a spanish version. I know that you know its meaning. But, words are mere craftworks – their real meanings are attached to what they mean to us. This word holds all the magic. It will help you pass through all the storms with a smile on your face. Why should we carry a bad face on the streets? It could influence people and we have no right to influence them negatively. So, smile!  Okay?’

‘Thank you. How do you know the Indian font?’ I asked curious with the way he wrote it

‘Well, offer Indian to Indian. Right?’ he said patting my back

Thus, I learnt my switchword : FANTASTICO!

Having a good time? Celebrate! Having a bad time? Celebrate!
How to get into the mode of celebration? Say FANTASTICO  🙂
Yes, it is as easy and as complicated 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read this post of mine.
I wish you fantastico moments ahead ❤
Make them count 🙂

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Thank you IndiBlogger!