Why B-Tweets?
B-Tweets is a title that emerged from the essence of the story. We all know about e-mail that comes through electronic mail. B-Tweet is the shortened version of Book Tweest, that acts as a platform for the climax.

What are the main features of the film?
The idea is one of the main features of the film – exploring the potential of books. On a lighter note, love and books go hand in hand. In addition to this, the team is a belt of ambitious youngsters with an urge to create creative content.

Why ‘Books’?
Because, they hold the potential of being our best friends. Words are not just words, they are a medium to convey something. A book reading habit, if cultivated renders great results in overall development of human beings.

When did the movie start rolling?
April 23rd 2015
Co-incidence? May be? May be not.

Image Credits : https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasir-khan/17240376561

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