Plot: Donoor’s Curse by Sharath Komarraju is a story weaved around the mysterious happenings in the village. It is a village of twins, curse and a lot more.

The writer mentions at the end of the book that a newspaper article triggered a thought in him to write this novel. The story is backed with decent research, careful plotting and some creative narration.

The mysterious deaths of a journalist and Dev’s Godfather – Jahangir keep the reader curious to some extent. Is there a force that guards Donoor? What is the secret behind the great number of twins in the village? Will Dev succeed in finding out the truth?
These questions serve as the hooks to the entire plot. There were a few instances where I got a little bored, especially in the middle of the novel. But, it is a good story

What I liked: I liked the fact that the story is very easy to relate and it feels REAL. The author has succeeded in connecting the cultural nuances well. I feel this plot could be easily turned into a movie-script. Yes, I am very sure about it!

What I disliked:  The length of the story was a little longer than necessary. It could have been compact and specific, focusing more on the instances than the characters. I got a little bored in the middle of the story

Cover : WOW, 5/5 for the cover. The cover is good enough to tempt a reader 🙂

Conclusion:  I would give it 4/5. The writer sought inspiration for the novel through a newspaper and that clinches it for me. Novelties always amaze me and this is one that I will remember 🙂 I would be very happy to see this novel turn into a south indian movie!

I thank Sharath Komarraju for sending me the kindle version of the book.

You can buy his book here : Donoor’s Curse