I wrote this poem recently  🙂 Feedback welcome!

writer's block.png
Writer’s Block

The reluctant visits
the sad and nervous wait
the inexpiable instruments
blood without pages and pages without blood
Why can’t we part ways?

Failing flat in the Operation theatre
to co-operate and
to swallow the bitter
& numb the block

This inability
to fill the About me section
to see the good in bad
to see the good
to see

What are you? the hospital or the block?
the ghosts on the paper
the left-at-halves
unwritten and
the unfulfilled – all reside in you

The first needle-cotton experience
and the experiences there-after
All ended on a same note
‘No, not again’
life knows not to bargain
visits after visits, blocks after blocks
I have come to know that
life won’t let us part ways
but death will
– Niranjan