Love Speaks

Oh, beating heart!
Thanks to a deliberate attempt by my writer, I made it to you. This tete-a-tete will resume the way my writer intends it to. Though he belongs to the texting generation which races against time, converting heartfelt expressions of love to ‘luv’ to 1-4-3, I prefer the original, the unblemished. So be it. I am Love.

You know what surprises me the most about humans? Your perceived inability to let go of everything and listen to your heart. Can you truly invalidate my existence? Can you? Yet, you conjure fancy concepts like ‘Break-up’ to suit your temporary shells.

While you are listening to me, there is a guy throwing away his 108th love letter in the trash just because it didn’t appeal right. He is rewriting it to make it perfect. What do I say?

Look here! Can you see the girl on the train?
She is trying hard not to cry. I am not a burden to carry, yet she feels heavy. I am as light as anything can ever be, always. The limitations she perceives are merely illusions. The limitations have a way of their own, blurring the path that leads to me.

Remember to walk courageously, oh beating heart! Seek the music you need between your successive beats to guide you along the path. Remember, I am the primary ingredient god used to make you.

Poetry has made my job a lot easier. Rumi, my beloved advocate and ambassador and the greatest ever poet known to be in pursuit of love, has conveyed all I ever needed to convey. Yet, this meeting is necessary. Creative classification, as my writer calls it, leads us to two categories.

At this moment in your human form, you have either found the key to your locks or you haven’t. The key is the twin soul to the lock, capable of opening the hidden doors to me and capable of shutting the darkness out to protect the light and warmth I bring.

For the ones who have found their key…

How can you be sure of the key? I’ll tell you. Do the windows to your soul cease to close? Do they open up to infinity? Do they help you take in the world with a seemingly new vision? Yes, my aura is powerful enough to take away your sleep. No, I am not stealing your sleep. It is an exchange, a fair one. An exchange for your growth. As they say, everything is fair.

Eventually, the reality of being in love dawns upon you. Slowly, the wants transform into needs. The key that you have found fits your lock perfectly. Do not be under an impression that once your lock is opened, the key could be taken for granted. The lock will lead to many locks and you will need the key. The lock and key both need each other in equal proportions.

Let me illustrate with the story of two avian beings in love.

It was love at first flight. One had golden feathers and the other lilac. A tree on a hill in a green land became a meeting place for the two. Eventually, the two birds rose in love, but that is the easiest part. When my presence is felt, your heart is elevated and it gives you wings to fly and reach new heights.

The two birds had their own ways of flying. Their different ways of flying fascinated each other, fulfilling their mutual fantasies at once.

“Are we meant to be?” asked the golden bird.

“In love forever?”


“Yes. Love is beautiful, isn’t it?”


“Aren’t both of us beautiful?” asked the lilac bird in return.

“I guess so.”
“Beauty lasts forever in some form or the other, sometimes in the form of a bygone memory and sometimes in the form of an approaching certainty.”

“And sometimes in form of an uncertainty”, added the golden bird.

“If certainty is faith, uncertainty is God. Two pedals of ONE cycle, both required to move forward. Isn’t it?” chirped the lilac bird.

“So, all the beautiful things last forever in some form or the other,” the birds affirmed and got ready for a round of flying together, crossing clouds and circling in synchronization.

I smiled at the lovely birds who value the understanding they are seeking through each other. Either you understand me or you don’t. There is no halfway. But, learning, making mistakes and relearning are a part of reaching me. Remember!
And then there are tests of life where there are no threats, just executions. Fortunately, so. The little family of the golden bird migrated to a different place due to the sudden changes in the climate. The test for both of them was to stay in me, with me.
After all, tests come to us to test our strength. How far will you go to defend your ideals and beliefs when life questions you? How will you believe in me?
Yes, all my stories are the same. Love and tests coexist. The tests may question your faith and limitations may appear, making your task of staying on my path difficult. That is when you need to listen to your beating heart. Your soul. Between the two beats, forget the way life treats you and immerse yourself in me. Know that there is no end to my story and your story with me.

For the ones who haven’t found their key…

Mould yourself to match the best fit. A lock should work on improving itself by welcoming my friend, Chaos. A chaos is a catalyst in bringing great changes within.

Should I tell you how?

In the bushes, there lived a caterpillar. It was feeding on its host plant, but it knew that there is more to life than simply surviving. An angel appeared to guide him.

“A lonely life is a potential boon,” whispered the angel.

“How do I make it a boon?” asked the nervous caterpillar.

“Earn the fruits of the changes you wish to see, rise in love with yourself and true love will follow you,” the angel said and disappeared.

The caterpillar digested itself using enzymes triggered by hormones and underwent a tough transformation. The chaos molded him into who he was capable of becoming. The caterpillar had now become a beautiful butterfly with saffron wings.

After some flying, it met a brown butterfly. There, they found me and I blossomed in them.

“I feel I have known you all along. As if, we were meant to be,” said the brown butterfly.

“An angel told me that I would find you at the right moment. I needed to earn the fruits of change,” replied the saffron butterfly.

“To love is to learn loving one’s own self,” the two affirmed and flew together happily.

So, you have to find me in you and your key will reach you. For those who feel this is beyond their ability to grasp or understand, do not despair because there is nothing to understand or grasp. You are the understanding. Everything is within, including me.

This is me, completely free from goodbyes. I am love. And, you heard me right.


Image Credits : https://msluffa.wordpress.com/tag/abundance-of-the-heart-the-mouth-speaks/