A few decades ago, Richard Bach wrote a fable titled There’s No Such Place As Far Away


I was very happy to find the old edition of the above book in a second hand bookstore last month :


Here is the central message of the fable expressed through a picture : DSCN0286

Photo Credits : http://mrgillespie2009.wikispaces.com/Poem%20Picture%20Project

Inspired by the title, I wrote a poem recently which was published by Whispers here :


Place Such as Far Away

from a won position
to a stalemate
the stories of almost;
wavering hands
not able to hold on
Or let go

restless mind
from past to future & beyond
this restless pendulum
the written that cannot be
multiplied by unwritten words longing to be written
a long pause in between
Can zero ever add value to itself?
all this and more in a place
such as far away.

Would love to know your views about the poem 🙂

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