Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


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What is Datsun redi-Go?
It is a mini-house that lets you go around. There is entertainment and comfort juxtaposed to enhance your experience. The optimization is sure to attract The ready-to-go generation 
of today. The authentic shape and style of Japanese makes it very attractive. It is meant to go easy on your wallet. It is a product that offers great comfort at a decent budget.

Some Highlights of the car

  • The car is solid in five different colors : Ruby red, white, silver, green and grey. Green makes it special for me, it looks grand!
  • There is a possibility that the starting price of the car could be 2,39 Lakh. It makes it a top choice, as this is a place where comfort meets budget! The scheme of pricing is appropriate in India.
  • The Drive Computer offers more clarity on the speed, mileage and fuel remaining. This allows the driver to plan out his visits to petrol bunks too!
  • The car is specially designed to tackle the bruises, scratches and the difficult urban roads
  • The shift indicator conveys the ideal time to shift for best performance and efficient working.
  • I-SAT – Intelligent Smart Automated Technology is super fast in making adjustments in response to fuel quality and power requirement.
  • Better Fuel EconomyWhat makes the car unique?

    1. Datsun Pro-Safe 7
     A car driving experience should help you feel safe and secure. It is a primary prerequisite for an individual. The performance augmented brakes of this four wheeler makes it a top choice at a reasonable price. The reinforced crash protection shell adds up to the overall ability of the car to make you feel safe. The features easily make the car – Reliable.

    2. Air Conditioning Optimized for Indian Weather
    Air conditioning is common in cars, but the special changes and optimization to suit the Indian weather makes this car – special. The 89 CC compressor has a great cooling capacity and it will help you beat the summer outside. The distributed integrator optimizes the reach on the rear seats.

    3. Daytime Running Lamps
    The Daytime running lamps is an added benefit that is rarely seen these days. The running lamps helps keep everyone safe

    The whole country is calling Datsun redi-Go – a unique fusion of compact cross over and urban hatchback, offering the best of both the worlds. It is also a rendezvous between comfort and budget, offering the needful of both the worlds.

    Where would I take this car?

    1. Mumbai to Pune Expressway
    This is considered one of the best expressways in the country
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    2. Beach Road in Chennai
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    The drive on the beach road could be memorable with this car.

    3. Beach Road – Pondicherry
    The beach road in Pondicherry is a popular tourist attraction. It is a 1.5km long road parallel to the Promenade beach
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    Datsun redi-Go is a well-thought car, designed to make your drive as comfortable as possible at a reasonable price.

    #Redigo Rocks, isn’t it?