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This post contains the books I enjoyed reading on Kindle recently. In addition to that, I have also added books that I read last year. These books are available on Kindle Unlimited.
This is my way of being grateful to all the writers whose work I enjoyed reading!

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For now, get ready for some lovely recommendations!

You don’t really need a Kindle device. You can also download the Kindle application on your smartphone and read the books 🙂

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#1. Rain by Sriram Subramanian
Kinde link here:

I took my time with this one. I read and reread a few chapters. Jai is easy to relate with. He is authentic and so is the story. I will remember Rain for the technique of cut, usually associated with screenplays, poems or haiku. The story doesn’t preach or tell you. But, the cuts make it clear.
The language is close to the heart of the setting. Use of words like Tchalel, Adjust madi – made me smile! The images brim with resonance. This is one story that I wished never ended. I got addicted to it after some point. After a certain point, I wanted to know what is happening in his life – like you normally wait for the next episode of a TV soap. The four circle theory knots the whole plot well.
So, I read it slowly and loved it. This is not a review, but my feelings about the book. I loved it and I am glad I picked this book. Because, never before a four word title has touched me so much. Rain is a beautiful metaphor, one I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

#2. Success vs Joy by Geet Sethi
Kinde link here:

A friend recommended this book to me in 2013. I tried hard but was not able to it as it was not available in the most famous bookstores, including Sapna. A few days back, I saw a facebook post about this book on my friend’s timeline. I checked Amazon immediately and found that this book was available on Kindle! I loved reading it. I read it at a stretch. But, this is a book you might want to read again and again. Geet Sethi talks about his struggle with joy, his harmony with the family and his game.  There are two parts in the book: 1) Joy 2) Success vs Joy

#3. A Thousand Unpsoken Words by Paulami Duttagupta

Kinde link here:

I am glad I picked this book! I am amazed with the author’s ability to convey the intricacies without literally telling it. The instances in the story will make you think and experience the pinch. We play so many different roles in our lives and we are also judged by how well we enact them. I loved the thread of dichotomy stitched through Musafir and Riddhiman. The story feels real and authentic; I loved the use of bengali words, it added glow to the overall setting. I also loved the dynamic conversations between Riddhiman and Tama’s father.

The story has many layers and reminded me of Kamal Hasan’s films. It is more than just a love story!
I loved a lot of lines in the book. These lines certainly deserve a mention : ‘Do you really feel silences can talk?’ she asked quietly. ‘It depends; if you find your soulmate, then yes. Silences don’t feel empty, they are companionable. If not, silence can be the most claustrophobic thing’.

It would be interesting to read a sequel too. I feel the story could go on, because at some level – we all can relate to Riddhiman and would want to know more about Riddhiman and Tilottama!

#4.A Biography of Rahul Dravid by Devendra Prabhudesai

Kindle link here:

The Nice Guy Who Finished First!
Personally, I learnt a lot from the book. The best of all is his motto to play every ball on merit.Don’t miss this one!

#5. Confessions on an Island by Ayan Pal 

Kindle Link here:

Ayan Pal’s Confessions On An Island is rich in novelty and richer in narrative! The stories metaphorically represent Russia’s Matryoshka Dolls. There is a story woven inside a story, each chapter helping the reader to know a little more. Interestingly, The Island speaks! This is a story told from three perspectives at the same time. I also liked the unique names of the chapter.

The book could also be turned into movie (like Dus Kahaniyaan)
I loved the grand setting, lovely long lines and the tricky endgame in this game of Confessions.

#6. MSD by Biswadeep

Who wouldn’t like to know more about MSD? 🙂 I loved reading it. Covers a lot of behind the scene stories.

Kindle link here:

#7. The Dove’s Lament by Kirthi Jayakumar

Kindle Link here:

There are commercial movies and then there are art movies. When it comes to books, this book not only fits well in the category of art, it also shines bright to be the best in its genre. The cover is brilliant – reflecting the topics of the book. The essays at the end make it a valuable source for people to use it as a guide for research purposes! Kudos to the publisher and the writer for attempting a novelty again.

If you want to take a break from the reading sessions and want to watch a movie revolving around books, here it is :


Just You, Me and a Secret by Ganga Bharani


Kindle Link here:

The storyline keeps the reader hooked. The diary entries are well timed and gel well with the narration. The book is a movie potential. Kudos to the author! May she turn this into a screenplay soon.

#9. Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto

Kindle link here:

THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE READ in 2016. That should say everything 🙂

The Broken Home by Lopamudra Banerjee


Kindle Link:

The fluent and vibrant translation enhances the soul of the novella. Charu’s character resembles Edna of The Awakening. This unusual story of Charulata is woven with subtle intricacies that echo Freud’s phrase ‘Riddle of a Woman’. Kudos to Lopamudra for succeeding in conveying the essence of Nastanirh. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

#11. The Cornucopia of Broken Dreams and Other Poems by Eisha Sarkar

Kindle link here:

I read the book in one sitting! I loved reading the book for two reasons: 1) It was a pleasure to read a poem about chess! There were a lot of poems that appealed to me. These deserve a special mention: Alphabetically Indian, Cornucopia of memories, Red curse, Moment and Memory, Choice, The Man Who Wants to Fly & Creation.
2)Some of the poems were written using random words. Being a fan of randomness, I loved the concept and the execution. I am inspired to try #ThrowMeAWord myself 🙂

#12. Thank your Wicked Parents by Richard Bach


I have read most of his books and I liked his unique approach to books. Read this for powerful reminders on how you can use gratitude to make progress in life.
BTW : You can read this book in just 20 minutes! It is short.

Kindle link here:

#13. 21 Ways of Being Happy by Shama Patel


Kindle link:

The 21 ways touch upon this aspect of being the best ‘you’. The novel and easy to implement ideas in this book are powerful tools to elevate and connect to your true-self.

I could easily relate to a quote by Denis Waitley : ‘It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit’ while going through the book.

The summary at the end of the chapter in a text-book style do not fail to impress. Those are points that could easily make place in your journal.

You can find my complete review of this book here:

I will not waste this opportunity of sharing the link of my book here!

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