Matrikas! The name holds a special relationship with me. A few years back, I played a chess event that was conducted in a college in Virudhanagar. On the ground floor, I saw a few books colorful books on a table. Being a lover of journals, my eyes couldn’t resist. I went ahead and bought four books! They were smartbooks, 2 in purple and 2 in green. In addition to this, I also bought a journal that had a chess pawn on the cover picture. The flexi bind is the plus point of these books.

After two years, I got to know about their Creative Journal!


In this modern world, where most of us are bound by monotonous routines.  this creative journal is an attempt to install soulful habits among people. I know how important it is to write every day. No, I am not talking about being a novelist. Writing is an exercise to keep your mental health in check. Mental health workshops always mention the importance of writing. It is a window to vent, a platform for clarifications and a safe place to put trash.

This creative journal offers space to scribble your heart away. You can fill the pages with moments of happiness, you can seek company of the blank pages in the moments of sadness. Basically, you can be yourself and the pages won’t judge you for anything you write or do. They are yours, and will always be.

Apart from the normal pages, the journal has sheets for doodling and colouring. Doodling is a modern tool to elevate your soul and Matrikas understand the essence of this art very well.  Most of us have our bucket list of places to visit. There is a section called ‘Places to be visited’ in the journal.

We all need reminders in life. This journal has a lot of stickers that serve as reminders. Some stickers serve as wonderful prompts to delve into your within.

There are pages dedicated to your reading lists. You can keep track of whatever you read. It also has contact lists page, no more relying on the smart phones! Matrikas have sensed the need of the hour. We all need to go back to our survival tools, we need them. Mobile phones, computers and technologies have started owning us. It is time to change the trend and begin again.

We all are capable of being soulful, this journal reminds us of our true nature and helps us in connecting us with ourselves.

Keep an eye on their products, you might want to try their journals and smartbooks!

The journal is available on Amazon in four delightful colors:

Here is a video about the journal:

One of the best birthday gifts to a writer would be ANY product from Matrikas!

Scribble your soul!